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Laser hair removal has now become the number one solution to removing unwanted hair in Europe and the US . Not only does it create smooth natural skin that no other hair-removal method can achieve, but it is also the safest and most effective way to create permanent hair reduction. As a New Year Gift , Blue Heavens offers one LASER HAIR REMOVAL session for Face or Arms or Legs - ABSOLUTELY FREE . Take further sessions only if you are satisfied . Offer valid upto 15 Jan 15 . Contact 9810443042 for Bookings. Latest technology Laser , No pain , absolutely safe. Check the amazing results for yourself.

Each hair grows out of a little pit in the skin called a follicle. Cells that live in the base of that pit cause the hair to form when androgens in the blood reach those cells. So two things are required: androgens in the blood, and cells that respond to androgens by making hairs.

. Women have measurable amounts of androgens in their blood. The levels are much lower than they are in a man’s blood, but they are present. And the cells in the hair follicles on a woman’s face also make hairs in response to androgens.When a woman has unusually high levels of androgens in the blood, she can start to grow hair in places that most women don’t want . Such hair growth may also be caused by cells in the hair follicles that are more easily stimulated by androgens to make hairs, even when androgen levels are normal.. Some live pics are placed below
Women can benefit from cosmetic treatments like :
• Plucking, shaving, waxing or depilatory creams.- These have their own problems like hair growth becomes hard over time, itching, pain during waxing, green patches due to shaving, infections etc
• Laser hair-removal techniques use light to generate heat inside hair follicles, destroying their ability to produce hair.
Blue Heavens uses the latest technology in Laser Hair Removal . Our Laser Staff is trained abroad . Results achieved are absolutely amazing .